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Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay – Ses carpet Cleaning offers steam cleaning, mould removal and stain removal services. Get FLAT 10% off on same day service.

Get a Healthier Home With Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay

Ses Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay helps you eliminate foul smell and odours and get rid of allergens, thus improving the air quality.

Expert carpet cleaners of Ses Carpet Cleaning ensure that your carpets are cleaned properly. We adopt eco-friendly methods and make sure that your carpet is rendered as fresh as before.

Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay

Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay

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But, is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

There are a number of reasons as to why it is important to maintain the cleanliness of carpets and rugs in our house:

  • First and foremost, a dirty carpet makes your house look messy and dirty. It makes it very unpleasant for the rest of the family members to live in.
  • If carpets are not cleaned regularly, they may lose their lustre and shine. Dirt can also ruin the overall look and feel of your carpet.
  • Talking about hygiene, it becomes extremely crucial to conduct a regular cleanup of carpet. A dirty carpet attracts dirt and dust and degrades the air quality of your house. Furthermore, it may even lead to coughing and sneezing.
  • Our carpets are always prone to accidental spillages, which when not cleaned then and there, can lead to the growth and breeding of fungus.
  • Dirty carpets can also prove to be detrimental to your kids and pets and can lead to problems like diarrhea and upset stomach.

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    Can You Clean Carpets at Home?

    That said; it is imperative by now that carpet cleaning is necessary. But, can you clean carpets at home?

    Well, yes, you can make an attempt to upkeep and maintain a carpet at home. But, on a larger scale, and when they are to be cleaned thoroughly, professional carpet cleaners in Rapid Bay do it better.

    Following are some DIY techniques which can be used to clean the carpets and rugs at home:

    • Vacuuming

      Regular vacuuming of carpets doesn’t allow the dirt and dust to settle permanently and create further damage. With vacuum cleaners, you only have to learn 2 tricks to use it properly. First- set the right pressure on the machine, and second- move the vacuum cleaner in the right manner starting from along the corners.

    • Steam is really helpful

      In this method, one has to pre-condition the carpet with a simple organic chemical reagent which can react with the accidental spills and hold to remove them from the carpet fur.

      Then, hot water is injected into the carpet material and left for some time. After about 15-20 minutes, the solution of water and the organic chemical is extracted with the help of vacuum cleaner.

    • Blotting is very useful

      Blot as you go! When in the home, accidental spillages from kids and pets are obvious. The best way here to control the damage is by blotting the carpet immediately.

      This is because if the spillage is left to dry for some time, it might become dry and stick to the fur, making it quite different to remove in future.

      Now, to remove such spills you can take a cotton cloth and dip it in a mixture of vinegar and 2 cups of water. Then blot the cloth over the stain and leave it there for 5-6 minutes. Remove the cloth, you will see that the stain is no longer there and your carpet is absolutely clean.

      But, this is not as easy as it seems. This is why you must hire Ses Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay and get the best carpet protection.

    Trust Your Local Company for Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs.

    SESCarpet cleaning will provide you with any kind of carpet cleaning service anywhere you may need

    • Residential Carpet Cleaning

      Carpets installed in your homes have a direct effect on your health and home environment. Dirty carpets can harbour many dangerous germs which can expose you to health risks. SES Carpet Cleaning will offer you with residential carpet cleaning service. Our professional carpet cleaners use safe and eco-friendly products for cleaning the carpets. Eco-friendly products help in providing better cleaning results and in maintaining the overall quality fo the home environment. It is essential to clean the carpets and to avoid any harm to your home environment. Hire Mark’s Carpet Cleaning for eco-friendly and natural cleaning of the carpets installed in your residences.

    • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

      Carpets installed in your commercial spaces like offices can suffer heavy use. Also, commercial carpets can actually harbour copious amount fo dirt, dust and debris. It is essential to hire professional assistance for routine cleaning of the carpet. SES Carpet Cleaning can provide you with commercial carpet cleaning service. We are equipped with latest tools and equipment and utilise strong vacuum for deep cleaning fo the carpet. Now get our commercial carpet cleaning service at affordable costs today and get your carpets professionally cleaned by us in no time.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay

    Reliable Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay at Your Doorstep

    • Certified and licensed carpet cleaning professionals.
    •  Eco-friendly products for carpet cleaning
    •  High-end equipment and latest technologies
    •  Hot water extraction technique, dry cleaning, encapsulation.
    • Floodwater damage restoration experts
    • Carpet scotch guard protection
    • Complete removal of urine, accidental spillages, stains and spots from your carpet.

    Carpet Sanitising Rapid Bay

    The team of our professional carpet cleaners offer exclusive services for carpet cleaning and restoring. Our carpet sanitising/ carpet disinfection services involves complete removal of allergens and contaminants from your floor coverings. We use only high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions in our cleaning procedure. So, if you have realised that the main culprit behind the disease in the home is your filthy carpet, then do not delay and call us for special carpet cleaning and sanitising services.

    Carpet Sanitising Rapid Bay

    Carpet Sanitising Rapid Bay

    Carpet Shampooing

    The most effective carpet cleaning process for old and heavily dirty carpet. We have the professionals who will perform the carpet shampooing process in such a way that the cleaning service lasts longer. The requirement of the service is shampoo, a rotary machine and vacuum cleaner. The proper application of them which is known to our professionals will help you in the proper cleaning.

    General Tips to Prevent Stains and Removal Tips

    Stains can often go unnoticed which can affect the quality and appearance of the carpets. It is advisable that you follow routine carpet leaning time to time and clean the stains asap. SES Carpet Cleaning is providing you with some useful tips to prevent and remove stains easily

    • Small and regular stains for simple foods and drinks can easily be cleaned using a wet cloth and detergent. Rub the stained part of the carpet with this wet cloth and keep rubbing till the stains disappear
    • Baking soda is one of the best substances that you can use to treat almost all kinds of organic stains. Just use it to sprinkle on the liquid stains and use it as a paste with water on solid stains. Leave the soda on the stain for a few minutes and clean the stain with a wet cloth
    • White vinegar can b used to remove any stains like wine, coffee or tea. Pour some vinegar in warm water and prepare a solution. Soak a cloth in this solution to clean the stain and rub it, again and again, to clean the stain completely.
    • For chemical stains like paint, wax or oil stains it’s advisable that you hire professional assistance. Contact SES Carpet Cleaning for all kinds of carpet stain removal services in Rapid Bay.

    Carpet Stain Removal Rapid Bay

    We at Ses Carpet Cleaning cover a range of carpet cleaning services and Carpet Stain Removal is one of the most asked/demanded services. Whether there are fresh spills on the carpets or there are old and dry stains our professional carpet cleaning team can you make them vanish. We apply customised stain removal solutions onto your carpets depending upon the type of stain. Our stain removal services are affordable that does not make you pay through nose. Call now for same day stain removal services in Rapid Bay.

    Most Common Types of Stains Our Cleaners Handle:

    Our professional carpet cleaners can handle and restore any kind of stain suffered y the carpet

    • Coffee Stains

      Coffee stains can permanently decolourise the carpet by leaving brown spots. COffee stains should be treated asap as the dried stain is more stubborn and damaging. Our professional carpet cleaners use effective and strong solvents to treat coffee stains on the carpets. Any kind of coffee stain be it old or fresh is treated using these solvents. You can hire our professional carpet cleaners and eradicate any number of coffee stains from the carpet effectively in no time. We treat dry as well as fresh coffee stains and provide stain removal results in no time

    • Blood Stains

      Blood stains on the caret can be very repulsive and obnoxious for us and our guests as well. Blood stains can leave red or dark brown spots on the carpets which can be permanent. Also, the presence of blood will attract pathogens, viruses and bacteria which will comprise the hygiene of the carpet. Our professional carpet cleaners will utilise strong commercial products for the treatment of blood stains. Chemicals and solvents we use dissolve the bonds between blood and carpet and remove the staining material asap. We can treat any kind of blood stain be it old or fresh and provide complete stain removal results in no time.

    • Urine Stains

      Urine stains on the carpets can be very disgusting and can lead to deterioration and damages. Urine satin will contaminate the carpet with many dangerous germs and pathogens. Urine stains will have a permanent yellow spot on the carpets and while making your carpets stink and release a bad odour. Our professional carpet cleaners will remove urine stains effectively. We use strong and safe commercial products for the treatment of urine stains. After removing the stain we then sanitise the carpet and eradicate all the pathogens.

    • Beer Stains

      While having a good time drinking beer you can spill it on the carpet as well. Beer stains are very stubborn and liquid beer can spread throughout the carpet. Our professional carpet cleaners can handle and eradicate any number of beer stains from the carpet. We use strong solvents which can completely remove the beer stain effectively. Get beer stains from your carpet removed effectively by hiring us today.

    • Ink Stains

      Ink Stains on the carpet will always end up in permanent spot and decolourisation of the carpet. Ink fluid can spread and seep deep within the carpet fibres. It is essential to treat the stain in and out so that no sign of coloured ink is left. We use strong thinners and solvents that can easily dissolve away all the ink fluid. We will also treat old ink stains using special commercial products as well.

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Rapid Bay

    If you are shifting to a new home or you just want the End of Lease Carpet Cleaning. Then look no more, SES Carpet Cleaning can offer professional assistance. We offer all our customers with affordable end of lease carpet cleaning service across Rapid Bay. We are a local brand in town and cover all the areas. We will reach your premises in no time and deliver a carpet cleaning service for you. We will treat all the stains and remove them effectively. Carpet cleaning is carried out to get rid of dirt, dust and debris. We will deliver a professional carpet cleaning service on the same day of hiring. Now avail the benefits of our affordable end of lease carpet cleanings service today and get your carpets professionally leaned within a day by hiring SES Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay.

    Flood Damage Water Restoration Rapid Bay

    Flooding of water in your home is a case of an emergency which needs proactive action and restoration. We at SES Carpet Cleaning will provide you with all kinds of carpet water and carpet flood water damage restoration service. We will start by fixing and treating the source of flooding. Any amount of standing water is first removed using pumps and gadgets. Water is then extracted from the wet carpet using hot water injection. We also deliver fast carpet drying through modern methods and machinery. To prevent any amount of water damage and to save your carpets form failure contact us. Avail the benefit of our carpet flood water damage restoration service at an affordable cost today. Hire SES Carpet cleaning for effective and complete carpet water damage restoration in Rapid Bay today.

    Carpet flood water damage restoration

    Carpet flood water damage restoration

    Carpet Mould Removal Rapid Bay

    Mould on the carpets is one of the most dangerous situations. Mould infestation in the home can lead to many harmful diseases. It is important to go for carpet mould removal services. We at Ses Carpet Cleaning use high-end mould removal solutions and skills to make sure to give you the safe and healthy carpets. So, when it comes to a complete carpet restoration and sanitisation, call us today.

    How Carpet Steam Cleaning Can Bring Your Carpets Back to Life?

    Carpet steam cleaning is a modern and advanced method to deep clean the carpet and gets rid of dirt, stains and germs as well. Carpets are injected with hot pressurised water which expels all the dirt and germs from the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning also extends the life and quality of the carpet. It will add freshness and softness to the carpet fibres. Old and dirty carpets can easily be cleaned, restored and refreshed by carpet steam cleaning easily. SES Carpet Cleaning can provide you with carpet steam cleaning service anywhere in Rapid Bay. Our carpet steam cleaning service is available for you at affordable costs and we also deliver steam cleaning service within 24 hours.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning Rapid Bay

    Carpet dry cleaning is a modern and effective way to deep clean the carpets and gets rid of stains and germs as well. Some key benefits of carpet dry cleaning are:

    • Carpet dry cleaning is effective in removing stains and spots.
      It is also an effective way to get rid of all the germs and pathogens present in the carpet.
    • Carpet dry cleaning is an effective way to remove bad odour from the carpet. Dry cleaning helps in restoring the odour of the carpet and adding freshness an fragrance to it.
    • Carpet dry cleaning is also an effective way to balance the moisture in the carpets
    • Dry cleaning helps in maintaining the overall natural chemical balance of the carpet
    • Special rotary brushes used in dry cleaning can eradicate all the dirt and mud from the carpet.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure in Rapid Bay

    • As soon as we get an appointment from any of our beloved customers from Rapid Bay, we send two of our professionals to do a quick inspection.
    • Next day, our entire team arrives at the concerned house to carry out the cleaning process.
    • We start with normal dusting and then vacuum the carpets.
    • We make sure to remove the furniture’s and other items kept on the carpet to ensure proper cleaning.
    • Our team of professionals makes sure that the vacuum cleaners are moved in a proper manner starting from edges and following a pattern of parallel lines to ensure the material is not damaged.
    • After this, chemical treatment is carried out. We look for various stains and spills in order to remove them with chemical treatment. For this, we take a piece of cotton cloth or a carpet cleaning brush, stain it with an organic chemical and rub it over the spills and stains. It is allowed to settle for some time, so that reaction can take place. After some time, we blot the stain with the help of another cotton ball or cloth.
    • In order to remove germs and bacteria, the carpets and rugs are then washed with the help of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water is used for this process as it has the ability to remove all kinds of harmful bacteria and germs which by chance could not be cleaned by earlier methods.
    • As a final step we, leave the rugs and carpets under the sun to dry. Sunlight also kills the germs.
    • After the entire process is over, we handover a cleaned, lustrous, shiny carpet to our customers.

    How Hot Water Extraction Method is Different from Carpet Steam Cleaning?

    Hot Water Extraction is a process of injecting hot water directly in the carpet. Its carried out by using machines to inject pressurised hot water deep within the carpets. While carpet steam cleaning is the general cleaning of the carpet using steam. Carpet hot water extraction is mostly sued for removing soaked water and dirt and mud. While steam cleaning is generally used only for carpet cleaning purposes. Carpet steam cleaning is in itself an effective way to deep clean the carpets. You can hire professionals like SES Carpet cleaning Rapid Bay for any kind of carpet cleaning service you need. If your carpets are suffering water damage or its been ages since you restored or cleaned the carpets, you may go for hot water extraction. Whereas carpet steam cleaning is advisable for routine and general cleaning of the carpet.

    Get Our Prompt Services with Same day Carpet cleaning

    We at SES Carpet Cleaning feel immense pride when we offer or affordable same day carpet cleaning services across Rapid Bay. With years of training and experience, we have developed our same day carpet cleaning service. We utilise the best and latest tools and equipment that helps in quick and effective cleaning of the carpet. We will reach any area in Rapid Bay, attend the carpet and deliver any kind of carpet cleaning services all in all within the same day of hiring. Now save your time and money and get your carpets professionally cleaned within a day by SES Carpet Cleaning.

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Rapid Bay

    People often avoid hiring professional carpet cleaning services thinking that they are costly and expensive. SES Carpet Cleaning is a renowned name that will provide you with all kinds of carpet cleaning services at affordable costs. We maintain a high quality and standard in our carpet cleaning services. By keeping low costs we can help you save money while also getting the carpets professionally cleaned. Avail the benefits of our esteemed carpet cleaning services without thinking about expenses and hidden costs. Hire SES Carpet Cleaning for affordable and effective carpet cleaning services in Rapid Bay today.

    Why Hire Ses Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay?

    • Without any doubt, we are the best team of professional carpet cleaners in Rapid Bay, owing to the latest tools and techniques that we use to clean carpets.
    • Top-Notch cleaning service at the best affordable prices.
    • Quick carpet drying
    • Quality solutions and powerful extraction machines
    • Free and no obligation quote for cleaning carpets
    • Same day and emergency services
    • Eco-friendly and safe carpet cleaning and restoration methods
    • Fully licensed and certified carpet cleaners in Rapid Bay

    Wait no more! Let’s clean your carpet today. Talk with us now.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Rapid Bay:

    Do carpets get dirty quicker once they have been cleaned?

    The carpet will get dirty whether you get it cleaned from anywhere. The professional cleaners will only clean the carpet but the maintenance of the carpet cleanliness is totally in your hand. So do not fall in the trap that the carpet will not get dirty. Yes, it is considered that the carpet will get dirty slowly.

    Do you move furniture?

    The furniture lying over the carpet are also the sources of staining as well as dirt are hidden below their legs. Thus the removal of the furniture from the carpet will make the process of cleaning more effective and long-lasting.

    Will my carpet shrink?

    Not at all, the process used by our professionals for cleaning is tested and certified for this purpose. The shrinkage will only happen if there will be some problem with the carpet.

    Location: Rapid Bay, SA, Australia

    What Our Clients Say

    Spend a few more moments and see what our clients have to say about us and our services in Rapid Bay.

    Overwhelming response

    I was just tired to google numerous carpet cleaning services as their service is not meeting the customer's satisfaction. Thankfully, the reference from my friend regarding the carpet cleaning service by Marks Carpet Cleaning proved as a blessing as I never switched to any other service provider ever.
    - Loe

    Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services

    My carpet was very messy. so I call the Marks Carpet Cleaning. the team is very honest. The team as professional, clean, spoke perfect English, reliable personable and did an excellent job cleaning carpets. The carpets were thoroughly cleaned.
    - Tyler

    Very skilled staff

    I have my own office. It is well maintained and I am very particular to maintain it nicely. But the main tension was about cleaning the carpets. So I contacted this carpet cleaning company and they really provided me with awesome service with skilled staffs.
    - Jake Sophie

    Most experienced team

    There are many carpet cleaning companies in our area with some of the best services. Marks Carpet Cleaning is the best in these as it has one of the most experience team along with fault free equipment. This combination can clean any type of carpet with ease and is, therefore, the best.
    - Jim Natalie

    Very appreciated the team

    Received a quote very quickly, good price, good ongoing communication, and the guys did a great job when they arrived (and got the remainder of that darn stain out of the carpet on the stairs). Very much appreciated and I will use them again when I do use in a few months time.
    - Russell Crowe

    Fantastic service

    Marks Carpet Cleaning and his team deliver fantastic service at a very reasonable price. We had two one-bedroom apartments that needed an all carpet clean in the house and managed to fit us in at short notice. The team was punctual, friendly and super fast, and cleaned to a very high standard. Highly recommend!
    - Ngusn