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Carpet Mould Removal

Make the Environment Healthy with Carpet Mould Removal

Mold easily grows on any of the surfaces that have moisture and it leaves some of the unsightly black spots. These black spots are not easy to remove from the various types of surfaces. The black stains are known to be even more intractable on the fabrics of the carpets and often are needed to be tossed in the trash. The mold marks are usually permanent on the carpet. It is not easy for a person to throw carpets and place a new one as it can be costly and out of the budget of a person. Carpet mould removal is the only treatment that can help a person to get rid of the mould and its marks. Moulds not only leave the carpet look unpleasant but it also affects the health of a person.

Carpet Mould Removal
Carpet Mould Removal

What types of Products do we use to carry the Procedure?

The professional carpet cleaners from our company can help a person in upbringing the effective results of the Carpet Mould Removal treatment. Our professionals use effective products to carry out the process of removal of the mould from the carpet.

  • Chlorine Bleach

    Bleach can effectively kill the mold and can reduce the visibility of the mildew on fabrics of the carpets. It mainly functions by bleaching or fading the marks of the mould from the carpet.  Hence, this can also bleach the fabrics of the carpet deeply and bring out the shine of the color of the carpet.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen Peroxide is also known as an effective bleaching agent who is most usually used in the hair colors which helps to lighten the hair. The peroxide functions are the same as the bleach as it does not fade color and destroy the fibers of the carpets if used in a correct manner. Hence, Hydrogen peroxide is safe for use during the process of the carpet disinfection.

  • Dishwashing Detergent

    Dishwashing detergent can help a person to remove the mould from the carpets. This method is used by the professional carpet cleaners in some of the processes in the replacement of other products. This solution needs to apply always with warm water and can help to remove the moulds from the carpets. This method is usually used to treat the small patches of the mould rather than large patches.

  • Benzalkonium Chloride

    This is known to be one of the most active ingredients used in various types of household detergents. This product is considered among the safest options for the process of carpet mould removal. A person should hire professionals for this process as the incorrect dilution of the chemical can result in the fading of the colors. This is an effective method which can be used for removing the mould from the carpet permanently without giving any type of damage.

Professional Carpet Mould Removal
Professional Carpet Mould Removal

Hire Ses Carpet Cleaning for Carpet Mould Treatment

The carpet mould treatment is very important as it can affect the health of a person. Our professional carpet cleaners can help in carrying out the process in a correct manner with effective results. Hence, Ses Carpet Cleaning is an ideal choice for mould treatment.