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Have your carpets incurred damages? If yes, then no need to worry. You have come to the right place. We got solutions for all kinds of carpet repair problems. Our qualified team of Carpet Repair Melton have the experience and know-how to do their job. The tools and techniques used by our professionals make their job easy and comfortable. 

Our service is feasible for everyone. We provide same-day and emergency service to our customers. Even if you are running low on budget, you can call Ses Carpet Cleaning on 0488 851 277. We provide top-quality service without costing much fortune.

    All set to get in touch? Dial our 24/7 helpline number now.

    Trained Professionals Carpet Technician

    When it comes to the repair of the carpet, then the first company that comes in your mind is Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton. We assure complete 100% work surety to our clients. We do the right job on the first visit. Proper training is provided to our technicians after regular interval of time. Our committed team delicately do the task and delivers the quality service. We reach your detailed address on the same day of the booking.  Our technicians are IICRC certified and specialized in doing any carpet related task.  We provide affordable carpet repair services. We have more than ten years of experience in repairing the carpet for fast, prompt, reliable and friendly service contact with us. 

    expert carpet repair Melton

    re stretching service Melton

    Re-Stretching Experts and Patch Repair Professionals

    We provide the best carpet restoration services in Melton. Our professionals bring back the original look of your carpet. Replacing a carpet is quite an expansive process but leave it upto us. We repair few of carpet damaged.

    • Torn carpet
    • Incorrect installation
    • Open seams
    • Cut-outs in carpet 
    • Burns from cigarette
    • Opened up joins
    • Carpet scratched by pets
    • Stains and spot damages
    • Carpet damaged by a dye
    • Patching up holes

    Same Day Carpet Repair Service

    Mark’s Carpet Repair Service Melton is known for the superior quality repairing services. We are working on Saturday, Sunday and even on public holidays for delivering our service. All of our services are offered at the most affordable price. We provide same-day and emergency carpet repair service all across Melton. We do not charge any extra amount for covering the inner areas of Melton. Our specialist delivers the best services 24X7. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed to our clients.  

    • On-time & every time carpet repair services
    • 100% safe services
    • Certified local carpet technician
    • Affordable prices

    same day carpet repair Melton

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    End of Lease Carpet Repair in Melton

    Does your rental agreement come to an end? Don’t worry, Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton is here. We provide the best end of lease carpet repair service in Melton. If you are a tenant and have carpet on rent, then it is your prior responsibility that you return the carpet in the same condition. We bring back the previous look of your carpet. Our professional carpet repair technicians solve all damage, hole, stain or other problem. We provide same-day end of lease service in Melton. Hire us today to avail of our end of lease carpet repair service at most reliable cost. If your carpet is torn, damaged or burnt, call our expert carpet repairing services in Melton. 

    cost effective carpet repair Melton

    end of lease carpet repair Melton

    Cost of Carpet Repair in Melton 2020

    For getting your carpet repaired by the professional, there is some general cost. The carpet repair cost lies in between $100 and $500. However, it is not a fixed cost. Some terms and conditions are applied to this cost. It depends on several factors such as the infected area of carpet that has to be repaired, type of fabric and type of method used. Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton provides cost-effective carpet repair services. We do not have any hidden costs for attracting clients. Ses carpet repair services are delivered on the same day of booking. Our all carpet repair service amazing, professional and effective for your damaged carpet.

    Type of Carpet We Deal With

    We deal with all types of carpets. Some of them we are discussing below.

    olefin carpet
    Olefin Carpet


    polyester carpet
    Polyester Carpet


    acrylic carpet
    Acrylic Carpet


    wool carpet
    Wool Carpet


    triextra carpet
    Triexta Carpet


    nylon carpet
    Nylon Carpet



    Effective Methods We Use for Carpet Repair in Melton

    Ses Carpet Repair offer all kinds of carpet repair services which includes the following:

    stair carpet repair Melton


    Stair Carpet Repair Service

    Carpets over the stairs are very prone to be buckled. It gets disturbed due to pet scratching, poor installation or by another reason. Don’t worry; we are here to arrange it in the best condition. For repairing the stair carpets, our professionals separately fit the carpet over all the stairs. We ensure that your carpet gets properly fixed over the stair. 

    carpet burn repair


    Carpet Burn Repair Service

    At the point when a cigarette butt or different products harms the piece of a carpet, then it creates an opening with solid consumed cover filaments on its sides. The burned spot won’t be obvious when the carpet gets dry. On the other hand, if the harmed area is enormous, we supplant the consumed place with another fix of carpet, guaranteeing the best condition of the carpet fibre.

    carpet hole repair


    Carpet Hole Repair Service

    Your carpet may get torn for several reasons. If heavy traffic is daily engaged by your carpet or due to pets activity, another burning issue then your carpet will have a hole. These holes will decrease the overall look of your carpet. The professional of Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton provides the best treatment to remove the hole. We put a patch over the infected place. 

    carpet patching



    Carpet Patching Service

    Sometimes your carpet experiences damage that may get restored by adding patches. Our professionals collect the best-suited patch according to the carpet and insert it in the infected place. We ensure that the added patch should look natural and no extra fibre appears from the carpet. By working from the past ten years, we have become experienced in doing the patch service.

    carpet laying and reinstalling



    Carpet Laying and Reinstalling 

    Your carpet needs to be laid down carefully and adequately. If it is not installed correctly, then it may lead to a severe issue. Dragging heavy furniture over the carpet makes it buckled and wear and tear start. You should hire the specialist of Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton. We do repairing, re-stretching, and reinstalling your carpet.

    carpet stretching



    Carpet Stretching Service

    Tired up lumpy, loose carpeting in your house? Ses Carpet Repair Melton provides excellent stretches your carpet for the proper look. We use a carpet stretcher that is the best tool used to install wall-to-wall carpet.  Fit, trim and stretch your carpet with our professional carpet repair team. Book Ses Carpet Repair professional team today and gets rid of wrinkles.

    Our Carpet Repair Process

    Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton follows a certain process to repair the damaged carpet. We treat burn, pet stains, holes and other faults from your carpet. 

    • Step 1: Cut Out the Damaged Carpet – The technician of Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton measures the piece of carpet that is damaged, and we determine the exact size of the patch that is required. We use a utility knife or a carpet knife for removing the damaged section.
    • Step 2: Size the Replacement Piece – After extracting the damaged piece of carpet, our professionals then estimate the part of the replacement carpet. We place it over the striped carpet so that it gets perfectly matched.
    • Step 3: Insert the Replacement Piece – Now our technician inserts the replacement piece over the carpet. Before replacing the piece, we lay down completely whole carpet and use carpet tape for adhering both the flooring and the new piece of carpeting.
    • Step 4: Smooth and Trim – In the end, we smooth and trim the carpet. Our experts cut out extra fibre and make it look like a natural one.
    process of carpet repair Melton

    Benefits of Hiring Our Carpet Repair Team

    Professionals of Mark’s Carpet Repair provides the best carpet repair services both in residential and commercial premises. Carpets are one of the integral parts of the home and office decor. Your interior decoration becomes uneven if your carpet is not correctly repaired. Here we providing the following benefits of hiring professionals carpet repair experts.

    Regain The Beauty and Elegance of the Damaged Carpet

    Any harm endured by the carpet will influence its general appearance and magnificence. Over the long-distance, staying away from the carpet damage restoration will make your carpet look terrible and dull. So its profoundly prudent that you employ a skilled carpet repair technicians to reestablish the first magnificence and style of the carpet once more.

    Carpet Damage Restoration Service is Cost-Effective

    Nobody might want to spend many dollars on getting once again carpet that is only suffered from simple damage. Proficient carpet repair experts can deal with any type of damage and reestablish the original look of your carpet. The services are cost-effective and done most efficiently. 

    Extends the Life of Carpets and Keeps them in Good Condition

    By hiring the expert professionals for repairing the carpet. It will help in improving the life of the carpet. Proper repairing of carpet add a number of years to your lovely home decor. Our professionals correctly repair any damage that is assessed with your carpet. We take care of your carpet fabric while delivering our service. 

    Professional Carpet Repairs Keep Carpets Clean, Hygienic and Mould Free

    A torn and dirty carpet trap lots of dust and other debris that generates mould and other allergens. Professional service removes all dust and dirt products from your carpet. It helps in promoting a healthier life for your family. We repair your carpet on time and with the most advanced tools. 

    Residential Carpet Repair Service

    If you have active kids or pets in your home, then it is evident that your carpet may suffer from different types of situations. We have an experienced team that provides residential carpet repair services in Melton. While delivering our service, we ensure that no damage is done to your property. We take the utmost care of your kids and pets while repairing the carpet.

    Get your carpet repaired by our top-class specialist to achieve the best outcome. Call us today & get excellent home carpet repair service at the most reliable rate. The products which we use in repairing the carpet are eco-friendly and affordable.

    residential carpet repair
    commercial carpet repair Melton

    Commercial Carpet Repair Service

    The office premises carpets experience much of foot traffic and result in high cases of wear and tear. We pick the carpet from your commercial place, perform the relevant work and drop it back to the location. Our technicians ensure proper care of the carpet. Reach your doorstep on the same day of booking. We cover all commercial places either it is a shopping mall, restaurant, office building, colleges etc. our expert technicians treat all. Our customer support is available 24X7 to help you. You can make your booking as per your convenience.

    Tools and Accessories Used By Mark’s Carpet Repairing Melton

    carpet repair needle
    Repair Needle
    seam roller
    Seam Roller


    carpet knife
    Carpet Knife


    carpet tape
    Carpet Tape


    why choose marks carpet repair Melton

    Why Ses Carpet Repair Melton?

    Many reasons to hire our expert and skilled technician for carpet repair service. See below for reasons to hire us for amazing carpet repair service :

    • Available 24X7 to provide the services.
    • Local and reliable professionals.
    • Our treatment is safe for kids and pets.
    • Eco-friendly products for repairing the carpet.
    • We provide 100% customer satisfaction.
    • Same day and emergency service.
    • Skilled & certified carpet repair technicians.
    • Our service is long-lasting.
    • Affordable & budget-friendly services.
    • We provide pick and drop service for carpet.
    • Amazing carpet repair services.


    Our Carpet Repair Services in All Suburbs of Melton

    Melton is the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria. Melton is the highest-rated city in entertainment, tourism and sport, as well as education, health care, research and development. It is the second most liveable city in the world. Mark’s carpet repairs specialists live close to Melton CBD and are available to reach your property within 20 mins after the booking. Our excellent team provides all types of carpet repair services across Melton. Some Suburbs mentioned below :

    carpet repair in all around Melton

    Location: Melton, VIC, Australia
    Ses Carpet Repair Melton
    Melton, Victoria
    Phone – 0488 851 277

    Frequently Asked Question:

    Are you available on weekends?


    Yes, we are working on the weekend and public holidays. We work 24X7 to repair your carpet.

    Do I have to keep my kids outside during the repairing process?


    No, there is no need of putting your kids outside of the home during the process. We provide kids and pets friendly treatment.

    Can you reattach the loose fibres of carpet?


    Yes, we efficiently reattach the fibres of the carpet and make it look like the natural one.

    How do you fix the buckle, wrinkle and riggles of carpet?


    Professionals of Mark’s Carpet Repair Melton provides carpet stretching and re-tacking service to remove the buckle, wrinkles of your carpet. We use the latest tools and types of equipment for performing the task.