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Why Carpet Shampooing Is Essential?

So, we all have that really chic carpet at home that we regularly vacuum in order to keep it clean and free from dust. But how long can you protect it against spills, drops, and other such accidents? It is rather time to move beyond vacuuming and opt for carpet shampooing.

Yes, it might seem like a challenging task, but it proves to be rather effective. It helps you get rid of germs and allergens and also maintain the carpet in its original shape and form.

This is perhaps why we at Ses Carpet Cleaning pay a lot emphasis on carpet shampooing and follow it as an essential process while cleaning carpets.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

Benefits of carpet shampooing

What benefits does carpet shampooing offer over the other forms of cleaning?

  • Cleans your target in the best possible manner
  • Shampooing extends the life of your carpet
  • Carpet shampooing eliminates the presence of trapped pollutants. It removes hidden dust, pollen, mold spores and the likes.
  • This cleaning method also improves the living conditions at home by providing a more hygienic ambiance. This makes living safe for yourself and for your family.

Carpet shampooing costs

Maintaining a carpet is not an easy job. It would require regular dusting, vacuuming and shampooing. On an average, if you take the help of professionals like us, the average price to shampoo a carpet would be in the range of $160-$170. However, this is not absolute. If your stain is more stubborn, it might attract higher costs. Also, the bigger the carpet, the bigger will be your carpet shampooing bill.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Owing to the high maintenance costs, a lot of people prefer to clean their carpets themselves and most of it are DIY tasks. On the one hand, it is easy and pocket-friendly while on the other, it might come with a few risks. Over-shampooing proves to be rather harmful for the material of the carpet.

How to Shampoo your Carpet?

We know the benefits of carpet shampooing. Let me take you through the process of shampooing your carpet now. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Choose the most appropriate shampoo for your carpet depending upon its texture and material. Make the solution as directed on the packaging, adding water to dilute it when required. Take only as much shampoo as you need since you would not want to waste the detergent. Besides, the carpet would take longer to dry with more shampoo.
  2. Locate the stubborn stains and other areas on the carpet and then scrub them gently with the detergent. Using a hard bristled brush would be the best idea in this regard. The liquid will help dissolve the tough stains and clean them.
  3. Allow the carpet to dry once the shampooing has been done and the stains have been removed. It is important to ensure that the material is completely dried.
  4. The last step here would be to vacuum the carpet in the end. This is important since you need to get rid of all the loose dust on the rug as well. This ensures that a complete cleaning cycle has been followed for the carpet.

Ses Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a leading carpet cleaning services provider in Melbourne. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also provide upholstery cleaning services, couch cleaning services and others.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

Call Professionals

Shampooing of the carpet needs a rotary machine to run over the surface of the carpet. The shampoo solution is applied to the carpet which loosens the settled dirt. Everyone does not have the availability of the machine and knowledge to run the machine properly. Call the professionals to get free of these worries and get a safe and secure Carpet Cleaning Service.