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It’s very easy to spill some of your make up products such as highlighters, foundation, mascara, or powder on your beautiful carpet. These makeup applications may be good to enhance a person’s natural beauty but they are equally harmful to your carpet. A stained carpet is very difficult to clean which can be pretty discouraging. This is why every makeup artist should be extra careful while using any makeup products standing on a carpet. However, with the right Carpet Stain Removal Service, you can be able to Remove Carpet Makeup Stains most safely and affordably.

Get Powder Makeup Out Of Carpet

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

When you see any makeup powder on your carpet, start by vacuuming the carpet area sharply. Carpet Vacuuming the proper way will lift away most of the makeup dust from your carpet. Also if you have a powerful vacuum, as seen in some cases, it can remove the entire makeup powder to clean the carpet to some extent. Usually, vacuuming is done only on the affected spot to limit the spread of makeup stain to other areas of the carpet.

Use Soap And Water

When Carpet Vacuuming is done, prepare a solution of soap and water to deal with the leftover makeup powder. In a bowl, add some liquid soap dish and water and mix it well enough to make a solution. Now, dip a piece of clean white cloth or a sponge in the solution and squeeze it well enough to remove excess water. Now, wipe the stained makeup area on the carpet with the sponge. Wipe it in gentle clockwise or anticlockwise motion to not spread the stain to other areas of the carpet. Wipe the carpet with another clean cloth to remove excess soap residue. Wait until the carpet dries or hire professionals for Carpet Drying Service and you will find no powder makeup stain on your carpet. If found any, repeat the above steps until no makeup powder is visible.

Use A Makeup Remover

Makeup remover is also an excellent product to use on a powder makeup stained area of a carpet. Make sure to bring a liquid makeup remover. To use it, put some liquid makeup remover on a piece of clean white cloth. The quantity should be such that you don’t over-flood the stained area. Now, dab the soaked cloth on to the stained area carefully. Repeat this process until the stain is removed completely from the carpet. Finally, leave the carpet to dry. By using this effective trick, you can remove stains and also can hire Ses Carpet Cleaning.

What If The Powder Makeup Stain Reappear On The Carpet

In some cases, the stain mark reappears on the carpet. This happens when some of the stain-removing agent or stain residue is still left under the carpet fibres. In such cases, you need to follow up the whole process again to clean the powder makeup stain from your carpet.

The Powder Makeup Stain Reappear On The Carpet

What Else Can You Do?

By following these methods you can get rid of the makeup stains to prevent your carpet from getting any permanent damage. To prevent such accidents, you can also use a cloth to cover your carpet, if you think there is any chance of spills. Also, if you are not too sure of cleaning your carpet by yourself, consider hiring a professional to provide professional carpet stain removal service at Carpet Cleaning Ocean Grove.