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A dirty carpet can be dangerous for health as this can be home to many bacteria & pathogens if not clean properly. The carpet dust is also a reason for many respiratory problems including asthma, allergy etc.

The unclean carpet is home for different pathogens, allergens like dust mites, bacteria like methicillin, staphylococcus and many other external infected foreign bodies. To wash out all these diseases causing foreign bodies from your carpet, you need to perform multiple carpet cleaning processes for complete cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Methods Which You Can Adapt to Get Rid of Allergens from Carpet;

Vacuum Daily:

Dust mites are the main reason for different respiratory problems. You may not smoke or get into exposure to air pollution but still you are vulnerable to respiratory allergies and asthma-like a problem in your own home. To prevent from such situation you have to daily vacuum your carpet to remove all the dust mites from your carpet. You can vacuum by your own or take help of the professional cleaners for best & effective result.

Daily vacuum not only sucks the dust mites but also suck other allergens like hair & dandruff from one’s body. To know details about the vacuum & allergen cleaning you have to read our service page of the website and take help of our carpet sanitization service programme.

Vinegar Cleaning:

Rinse and wash your carpet at least once per week with vinegar. Vinegar cleaning is not a cleaning process. It is a carpet disinfection method use while cleaning. The parent cleaning process is the steam cleaning where the hot water is being used to clean the carpet and add one or two cups of vinegar as disinfection materials.

Keep Low Humidity:

Humidity is providing an environment to grow fungus in the carpet. If the humidity level is below 50% than it is good over 50% humidity will create dampness in the carpet & grow moist. Moisture & damp carpet is acting as a breeding ground for the allergens, bacteria & dust mites. So for better carpet cleaning service, you can hire us to keep the moisture level in control. Close to the bathroom door, kitchen room & dining room carpets are more vulnerable for the humidity increment of carpet.

Use Antibacterial Spray:

It is good to use an antibacterial spray on the carpet on a regular basis to avoid bacteria & fungal growth. But, it is not an easy job to use any antibacterial spray at the home. You are not aware of the permissible amount of spray use at home for this a carpet cleaning service should hire who have an Environmental Protection Agency.

Carpet Vacuum Cleaner
Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

What to Do in Case The Carpet Looks Unclean?

Not all carpets can be treated with the above mentioned “ Do it yourself “ ideas, hence you may require some professionals who are proficient to disinfect your carpets and turn them like new. These professionals are expert who are equipped with anti-allergens sprays, cleaning solutions and much more which can help to get rid of Carpet anomalies in the right manner.We at Ses Carpet Cleaning help you to get rid of the same a regular vacuum, insecticide spray, steam cleaning services is what you require from our end for your carpet. These simple cleaning processes help to kill all your pathogens & allergens growing in the carpet and you will enjoy a healthy and allergy free environment in your own house.