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Dogs are known as human’s best and loyal friend but dogs bring the dirt and messes into our property. Dogs make the clean carpet dirty. House owners should clean the carpet once or twice a year to keep the carpet clean. Dogs leave dirt, germs, and bacteria on the carpet which can be harmful to your family and environment.

Carpet Dog Dirt Removal
Carpet Dog Dirt Removal

Things That Dogs Leave-in Carpet:

  • Ticks/Fleas:

    Dogs are the main reasons for fleas. Homeowners spend a lot of dollars per year on flea control. Keeping a dog clean can prevent fleas. 
  • Urine and Faeces:

    Pet’s wastes contains around 23 million bacteria which can cause many health problems. Don’t let the urine stains sets on carpet otherwise it can damage the carpet fibres.
  • Saliva:

    A dog contains 20 species of germs and bacteria in its saliva. 
  • Dirt:

    Dirt carries various kinds of bacteria which cause health issues. A few amounts of dirt carries a lot of germs and bacteria. 

Effects of Dog’s Dirt at You and Your Family 

Dirt left behind by pets can cause several health problems and pollute indoor air quality. Dog’s dirt, urine and faeces can worsen your health. Dirt carried by dogs causes various kinds of health issues.

  • Skin infections
  • Allergies
  • Worsened Asthma
  • Stomach illness

Solutions to Handle Problems That Dog Leaves

  • Add Door Mats –

    Doormats can absorb mud and dirt from your dog’s paws. Adding doormats will keep the carpet clean.
  • Remove Pee Stain –

    Remove pee stains as soon as you observe because it will be hard to remove it once it sets. Pee stains can lead to a health issue and bad air quality.
    Try to remove the pee stain using a cloth. Apply vinegar on the remaining stain and keep dabbing to remove it. Then sprinkle some baking soda on it and let it dry. Vacuum the carpet after 10-20 minutes. This process can remove pee stains and sanitise your carpet for better hygiene. Repeat the whole process if you observe any stains.
  • Poop Stains –

    Remove as much poop you can. Then lift the stain using the above used baking soda/vinegar process. Use an iron if the stains are dried or hard. Lay a towel on the stain then iron over it to lift stains. Ironing removes some stains and also lose the remaining stains.
  • Seek Professionals to Help –

    You can also take professionals helps to get rid of all dirt, allergens, bacteria and stains caused by dogs. Professionals are trained and experienced to provide the best solutions to clean the carpet. They can give a fresh look to your carpet and extend its life with their effective cleaning. 
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Tired of removing dirt and germs carried by dogs. Get professional help to experience amazing and effective Professional carpet cleaning services. Professionals at Ses Carpet Cleaning are licensed and expert in removing all kinds of dirt, germs, bacteria and stains.

Our cleaners have experience and know-how to clean the carpet properly. We use advanced equipment and cleaning methods to provide an effective and Best Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane. We can remove all types of stains, dirt at affordable rates. Reach us to avail the best cleaning results in a single day.

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