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Every carpet owner wants to keep their carpet in good condition. But in our busy schedule, we may forget about carpet cleaning and carpet stains which can demolish the beauty of your carpet. In this blog, we are going to tell you about magical treatments that will help you remove stubborn stains such as dried nail polish stain. Sometimes, it is hard to remove the dried nail polish stain from your carpet because of its viscous quality. Well, we have the best solution for giving carpet cleaning services as well as know the best tips by which you can remove dried nail polish stains from your carpet.

Remove Dried Nail Polish from A Carpet
Remove Dried Nail Polish from A Carpet

Follow These Given Below Step to Remove Dried Spills

  1. Prepare your Carpet:

    Cleaning dried nail polish or spills can be quite difficult to be removed because the colour of nail polish is already set up on the carpet fabric. It could be the result of someone mistake but we are to help in removing the stains. First, prepare your carpet for cleaning and collect all necessary tools.
  2. Wet your Carpet:

    Start your cleaning procedure by sprinkling pure water over your carpet and make it wet. So, you can smooth your carpet and prepare it to be cleaned up. You can work like a pro. Still, we recommend, to hire professional carpet stain removal services. So, you can save your home from messy activities.
  3. Use Alcohol:

    After wetting your carpet, use same nail polish remover as well as alcohol to remove the stains. Apply alcohol and nail polish remover on the stain and remove it. Ladies, if you are working and can not get your time for following these steps, may choose us. We will make your carpet stain-free with our best carpet stain removal services.
  4. Use a Brush for Scrubbing:

    Smooth the peel of dried nail polish which is stuck on your carpet. You can apply any gentle brush or toothbrush for scrubbing the dried area of your carpet. Then, start your work from the bottom to top and remember, do not apply harsh scrubbing. It can damage the carpet fibres.
  5. Vacuum Carpet to Remove Dust:

    Then, vacuum the affected area repeatedly. It will help you to remove any loosened polish. Picking out some larger pieces with the hand can be possible by applying this process.
  6. Scrub Again:

    Use more quantity of water to moist the area frequently. And, use alcohol again for scrubbing.
  7. Scrub and Rinse:

    Repeat your procedures of scrubbing and rinsing until you got stain-free carpet. Now, you can wash your carpet with detergent or water and allow the carpet to dry up completely.

Additional Tips

  • Before using any type of cleaning material, apply it to the small hidden area of your carpet. So, you can assure that it doesn’t damage the carpet’s colour and fibre.
  • Keep your children away while cleaning your carpet. 
  • Use always relevant and quality cleaning material for Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne.

Professional Stain Removal Services

If you hire professionals of Ses Carpet Cleaning, you can get active and professional carpet cleaning services, as well as we provide same day services too according to our customer’s preference.