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Irritated with the nail polish present on your carpet and want to get rid of it? Then don’t worry there is a good solution through which you can make your carpet nail polish free and give it a fresh and lovely look again. It is very important to treat the stains as it can cause some serious allergens to your pet and kids. 

The chemicals are also very dangerous to the fabric of the carpet. There are many homeowners who remove the polish using the wrong solution and later receive the bad result so it is very important to choose the right method and the solution. 

Below given is one of the most efficacious and highly result oriented way to remove dried nail polish stain on your carpet procedures. All you have to do is spare some time to receive the best possible result and make your carpet shine again. 

Removing Nail Polish Stains From Carpet

Finest Method for Removing Nail Polish Out of The Carpet

  • Step 1: Clean The Nail Polish Stains –

    In the first step, all you have to do is take a cloth and remove all the nail polish liquid by dabbing on it. Do not try to spread as it makes the stains worse. You have to scrap the extra amount of nail polish from the carpet. Make use of a knife and gently remove it without spreading it to the other areas. 

  • Step 2: Use Nail Polish Remover or Rubbing Alcohol –

    In the second step, you can make use of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on the stained area. Slowly blot the stains after applying this solution and follow the steps until you see the stains coming out of the carpet to a good extent. Make sure the rubbing alcohol is reaching into the stains deeply so that it works well. 

  • Step 3: Apply Detergent and Water Solution –

    Later, add some detergent in some warm water and apply it to the stained area. It is important to see that you are using the detergent which doesn’t contain bleach or lanolin. Take a fresh cloth and blot the area with this solution to make the stains lighter. Follow this step for a few minutes. You can make use of dry cloth to see whether the stains are gone after it is dried. 

  • Step 4: Rinse It Using Warm Water –

    In the next step, rinse the stained place using warm water again so that all the solution is coming out of it. While following this step, it is important to use the right method and a fresh cloth so that there is no solution left out in the fabric of the carpet. 

  • Step 5: Let your Carpet Dry –

    In the end, let your carpet dry for good long hours. To eliminate the moisture present on the carpet making use of dry towels. Just place them over the particular area. Before doing this you can even spray some good freshener available to see that there is no smell of nail polish is left over. It is very essential that the carpet is only being used by you, once it is completely dried so that there is no mold forming on it.

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