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The Asian fat tail sheep is suitable for carpets. This is helpful for producing wool. It is largely used because it contains small and large fibers. As the sheep grow up its quality of wool changes. The finest wool is collected from the lambs.

Woolen carpets are made by different types of sheep and lambs. These fiber based hair are taken out from their body. These are clean again. It became so soft and it is given into an appropriate shape and size. It is sent into different companies and factories where it is used to carpets.

Woolen Carpet Service
Woolen Carpet Service

Steps to Take Care

Woolen carpets are very soft and smooth in touch. It needs a lot of care and attention. People spend a lot of money on this. This also increases the beauty of the room. It is very smooth covering of us. It is mostly used in cold climate.

As it so soft since it also need a good care. The following are the steps to take care of woolen carpets.

  • Vacuum Cleaner: –

    Woolen carpets are very soft so it should be cleaned properly . Vacuum cleaner which is going to be used should be of high quality. If it is so this can clean the carpets properly which can increase the life of carpets. 
    • When the carpet is new it should be cleaned properly at a fixed interval of time. This can protect the carpet from getting dirt and dust fast.
    • You should use the vacuum twice at a place of high traffic areas.
  • Stains Removal: –

    Wools are such a thing which absorbs liquid very fast. Anything can stick on it. It should be protected from food items, because if something stick it became very difficult to remove even with Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne
    • When you want to clean then use a sprayer. This can be spray on the woolen carpets. If there are any stains, then slightly rub that place then use spray there.
  • Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar: –

    Vinegar is used to remove disinfected areas and baking soda is used to absorb the odor. 
    • Make a solution by mixing vinegar, baking soda and water.
    • Use a clean cloth or sponge, dip it into and wring it out.
    • Slowly rub the cloth at that stain places for some time.
    • Now dry the surfaces.
  • Use of Turpentine: –

    Turpentine is used to remove stubborn stains, like rust, oils , lipstick etc. This takes into a small amount and rub on the stains and clean with soft cloth. 
  • Steam Cleaner: –

    Steam cleaner is used to clean the carpets. It is an electronic based device. It is run by water and electricity. It releases hot spray of water. It can easily remove the dirt and dust from the carpets. It is very useful for cleaning the hidden dust. Carpet Steam cleaner should be used once in a month. Before using this device remove all the objects from carpets. After woolen carpet cleaning, allow the carpet to dry.
    • You can also rent a steamer to save money. It is very costly. To avoid this you can rent.
  • Air Dry: –

    After cleaning the carpets, allow it to be open. Blow a fan, open windows and doors for faster dry.
  • Bissell Carpet Cleaner: –

     It is used for deep cleaning. It pick up what the vacuum left. This is the highly microscopic cleaner. It has different types but portable is mostly used. Portable cleaner can be carried anywhere you want.  Its main function are spray, scrub and suction. It is easy to remove stains and messes.
  • Warnings: – 

    Never use any cleaners with the bleaching powder or hydrogen peroxide. It can damage the carpets. By using this, the fibers of it can be taken out or loose which damage soon. 
Expert Woolen Carpet Cleaning
Expert Woolen Carpet Cleaning

Professional Woolen Carpet Cleaners in Your Area

Cleaning should be in proper way with professional woolen carpet cleaners otherwise it can be produce stains or damage. So just give us a call for professionals. They will reach you Immediately to help you out.

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